• In case of need of desire to overstay you are advised  to contact the nearest foreign regional restoration office.
  • it is advised to avail pre paid taxi/auto rickshaws or pay by meter or ask for fare chat.
  • advisable to shop at government emporium/fixed price shop to ensure quality and reasonable price .
  • please check power voltage before using electrical instruments,220/240V are available in most of the countries.
  • keep your valuables in hotels lockers/safe deposit vaults.
  • while checking into the hotels do ask for for the tariff if your are not booking through our company.
          there is a considerable different in the off season and in the season tariff.
  • always hire a government approved tourist  guide who invariable carry an ID Card.
  • Check about Photography permission at the monuments
  • Change money only at authorized foreign exchange Outlets/banks/hotel and insist on receipt for money changed.
  • International /National Telephone call are available at small outlet in all parts of the country with yellow sign board.
  • for medical assistance contact hotel or accredited hospital/nursing homes.
  • Observe local tradition/customs while visiting religious places.
  • there is prohibition on liquor in a few state and cities. check details from nearest tourist office about the same.
  • smoking not allowed in public places and vehicle in some states.
  • shopping if fun. but do see beyond "Govt authorized" they are not Govt. approved shops but money changers.
  • While walking on the streets /monuments/ station, in some Asian, African, European countries you will find many touts comings to you , Never follow them or listen there opinion,  If you need any kind of help. go to the nearest tourist office or police booth.
  • Don't encourage beggars.
  • Don't accept food or drink from strangers.
  • Export of Currency in some countries are banned.
  • Don't be coerced into shopping by touts/Guide/Taxi drivers
  • Don't be coerced into strange/fraud tourist office by touts/taxi drivers. always follow your guide book
  • Don't buy articles made from rare/endangered species or animals which are banned.
  • Don't use or carry drugs which is prohibited by law.
  • Do not change money through unauthorized dealer.
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